Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Leaded peice

I am using this blog as a way to document the process of making my final body of work for my degree. The original plan was to build a stained glass window that was breaking open. After extensive video research and planning I came up with a proposal and get to work. Following are some images of the process.

This project has evolved dramatically, and what I am close to achieving are three window style art pieces. each exploring a style and technique all my own, each individual yet clearly part of the same body of work.

The Process: 1 of 3

This first piece will be the three dimensional one of the three. Using traditional stained glass techniques combined with what I hope are new and innovative ideas. 

The treated glass

The first break

Getting the design

The imperative  numbering process


The final form beginning to take shape 

The picture below shows the difference a light sanding can make.

This frame made from 10mm round steel bar is the 
supporting structure for the glass. 

Putting it all together...