Thursday, 2 June 2011

The One That Started It All

The Grouted Piece: 2 of 3

This piece has been my three dimensional 'creative development'. By making it I have planned out exactly how I want to build and display my final body of work. It has also become a work of art in itself I think. 
This photo, courtesy of Mole Brown, has a bit of my cunning photoshop work, can you spot the difference? 

Through-out this project I have embraced mistakes. Taking advantage of any breakages or imperfections.  In this first experiment the glass broke at times I wasn't planning it to. But from this I discovered one of my favorite things about this work. The fuse lines, that create scaring in the glass which is something I'm going to explore more with future work.

The outer metal frame is also an element that I have been thinking about quite alot. I want the metal to be quite rough and raw, but also thought about. In this example I tried to force a natural look. Roughly buffing it with an angle grinder followed by a coat of lacquer. This has left it looking to shiny and black for my liking. Next time i plan to simply give it a light sanding by hand leaving any ground areas exposed. I do not want to blacken it with heat nor further rust it in anyway as it will do this in time. The fact that it will continue to change relates back to what inspired this project in the first place... Dilapidated buildings.       

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