Sunday, 12 June 2011

Self Promotional Material

Heres a few things I've been preparing, those of you have been following my blog from the beginning will know that I used to have a Grey and Yellow theme. That was also going to be the theme for my website, business cards etc etc. But, HGT whom I have been working collaboratively have got a Black and Yellow theme. So I thought it would be appropriate to change my color scheme. And considering how much turquoise seems to be cropping up in my work I thought that would be a good way to go. The original color would have been....

Business card example:

The new version: 

This color way matches my website and blog, I feel it is much fresher and lighter, I may even consider a grey paper and then have the text embossed with a contrasting finish. Following are some more examples of self promotional material...

Promotional Pack, CD Cover

Letter Heads


Postcards describing current body of work


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